About Us

At NUZLIN we design beautiful textiles for babies. Our first product was developed in partnership with Rose England - a muslin swaddle with a distinctive and fashion forward mixed animal print. 

We have put so much love into these products, and I hope they bring beauty and joy to the exciting adventures you have in front of you.

Building A Sustainable Product

We feel passionately about the environmental and social impact of the production process, and this was a key concern when we started out on our journey. Finding a production partner to bring the designs to life in a sustainable and ethical way was the single hardest task. We spent nearly a year speaking to people in the industry and breaking down the entire process from farming the cotton to shipping to the UK, to create a product we felt incredibly proud of.

Ethical factories producing our Nuzlin swaddles.

So what does that mean on a step by step basis:

🌿 100% organic cotton means our environmental impact is lower than traditional cottons. No pesticides, no insecticides and no herbicides.  

🤝 Our factories are certified to ensure high social standards. That means no slave labour and fair wages.

💧All our processes including weaving & dyeing have been evaluated to meet global standards on toxicity and biodegradability. No heavy metals or water pollutants are used.

📦 Our packaging does not contain PVC - we only use paper and card which are made from recycled materials and can go on to be recycled or biodegrade.

As we develop more products we'll be looking at ways to further build on our environmental commitments, including investigating how to reduce our carbon footprint further.